Printed aluminium

Aluflexpack novi group offers a wide range of  specifications for printed aluminium foil used mainly in the confectionary, dairy  and human food industries but also in pharmaceutical industry.

We can offer Aluminium foils in a wide range of gauges usuing our rotogravure and flexoprinting techniques.

Industry products delivery form type of flexible packaging
CONFECTIONARY INDUSTRY Hard sweets and toffees, Chocolate sweets and chocolates REEL AL with or without heat sealable lacquer

(one or both side coated)

DAIRY INDUSTRY Desserts, Yogurt, Cheese, Coffee cream, Milk powder, Butter LIDS – embossed, plain appearance
Al foil with heat sealable lacquer, sealable against:
HUMAN FOOD Jam, Pate, wet and dry products LIDS, REEL CONTAINERS AL with heat sealable lacquer, sealable against PPsee AL container industry
PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Tablets, oral suspensions REEL AL  hard, with heat sealable lacquer, sealable against: PS/PVC

Celophane, lacquered PVdC

DMF num. 19868