Lacquered foil

We are manufacturing lacquered foil for confectionery and dairy industry, for human food and pet food industry and for pharmaceutical industry. We can lacquer the foil with several primers and for various printing techniques.
The lacquering can be done in silver and gold version.

Industry products delivery form type of flexible packaging
CONFECTIONARY Chocolate sweets and chocolates REEL 10-12 mic alu foil with or
without inside protected lacquer
DAIRY Desserts, Yogurt, Pudding REEL 30-38 mic lacquered (unprinted) alu foil
Comby or ps lacquer
HUMAN FOOD Jam, Pate REEL 50 – 70 mic alu foil Gold /silver
PET FOOD Pate REEL 50 – 70 mic alu foil Gold/silver
PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Hard alu foil REEL 20 – 25 mic  hard alu foil lacquered with PS/PVC lacquer