Human food

Aluflexpack’s Steral program offers aluminium containers and lids of different size and thickness for the food industry in lacquered or printed form.

Aluminium is generally an excellent material for the food industry. It is extremely resistant and protects against external impacts, microorganisms and spoilage. At the same time it is nontoxic and sterile. To protect the foodstuffs packed in containers, it is very important not to impact or change the composition of ingredients and not to change the taste of the product, so it can be safely used for food preservation over longer periods of time.

Thanks to its light weight and flexibility, Aluminium containers can be manufactured in the most challenging shapes and designs to meet the creative expectations of its customers.

Further advantages of Aluminium containers are the possibility of recycling and compliance with environmental standards.

Industry products delivery form type of flexible packaging
HUMAN FOOD Pate CONTAINERS AL laminated 80my – 120 my

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