There is a wide range of material specifications used for packaging in the field of flexible packaging foils and films.
We offer our experience in choosing which one can suit the best.
Aluflexpack novi manufactures mono-layer structures and multi-layer laminations by rotogravure and flexographic printing on aluminium foil and variety of films and papers.
Our quality makes the difference.

Industry products delivery form type of flexible packaging
CONFECTIONARY Hard sweets and toffees
Chocolate sweets and chocolates
Biscuits, wafers, rolls
Chocolate coating
Corn products, Chips, peanuts
REEL Wax coated paper;
Celophane; NC or PVdC lacquer;
PE-HD metallized;
AL/paper/waxAL with heat sealable lacquer;
Various laminations with heat sealable lacquer or cold seal in register;
PP coex/PP coex metallized;
PET/PE metallized ;
PET metallized / PEPP coex with coldseal;
PP coex/ PP metallized, with coldseal;
PP white coex, with coldseal;